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What We Do

At Griffon Commercial Properties, we specialize in redefining residential investment through our exclusive focus on large multi-family properties in emerging markets. Our mission? To deliver excellence that exceeds expectations, whether it's maximizing returns for our investors, facilitating fast closings, or creating communities our residents are proud to call home.

Where We Invest

Our investment strategy is centered on identifying prime opportunities in emerging markets and areas on the rise, where multi-family properties hold significant potential for growth. By leveraging our expertise and market insights, we target properties with 50 to 500 doors that have room for improvement. Where others see a 'B' or 'C' property, we see an investment opportunity. We invest to reposition the property and maximize the rate of return.

Unrivaled Expertise, Unparalleled Returns!

Why Choose Us?

Griffon Commercial Properties stands out in the real estate landscape for our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With a keen eye for opportunity and a dedication to exceeding industry standards, we ensure that every investment yields exceptional results. When you choose Griffon, you're choosing a partner who shares your vision for success and who will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Our Managing Director

As Managing Director of Griffon Commercial Properties, I am deeply committed to our mission of delivering excellence and exceeding expectations in every investment we undertake. Our approach is not just about maximizing returns; it's about transforming communities and creating lasting value for our investors and residents alike.
- Clarence Baker, Jr.

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